bt.tracker.useragent don't work (not always at least!)

Hi all,

some private trackers require specific torrent application/version to work (in my case Azureus or uTorrent), so I changed in the Advanced option "bt.tracker.useragent", changing the default (blank) value to "uTorrent/1840".

Using a sniffer I checked if BitSpirit actually use this useragent, and I noticed that with public trackers it present itself as "uTorrent/1840", but with other private trackers remain "BTSP/3603".

Why? Is it a bug?


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And the answer is

BitSpirit's UDP0 peer ID suffix

read more from the FASCIST developers at utorrent:

Please refer

Please refer to:
>5, for private torrents, BitSpirit always uses inherent ID for BitSpirit itself even the user custom client ID on the advanced preference page.

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