BitSpirit ChangeLog

[Dec 29, 2010] v3.6.0.550 Stable
Improved: Reduced memory usage while IPFilter.dat is enabled;
Fixed: problems while running on Linux & Wine;
Fixed: sometimes BOSS Key doesn't work (v3.6.0.500 only);

[Oct 22, 2010] v3.6.0.500 Stable
Improved: Memory management;

[May 17, 2010] v3.6.0.403 Stable
Fixed: an error related to batch link processing (added in v3.6.0.401);

[Apr 17, 2010] v3.6.0.401 Stable
Added: # column added to job list view;
Added: ui.task.stopatshareratio added to 'Advanced' Options;
Improved: the mini-bar now supports batch file/link processing;
Fixed: for DHT-Enabled jobs, upload speed may exceed the upload limit (under rare circumstances);

[Mar 23, 2010] v3.6.0.362 Stable
Added: IP2Country in peer list (please refer to: IP to Country);
Improved: local torrent files switch to relative path;
Fixed: sometimes 'Logger' behaves improperly;
Fixed: the link retrieved from the Clipboard contains a limit of 1000 chars;

[Jan 16, 2010] v3.6.0.336 Stable
Improved: some minor improvements related to magnet URLs;

[Nov 12, 2009] v3.6.0.330 Stable
Fixed: memory usage limitation doesn't work while downloading some torrents (v3.6.0 series only);

[Oct 29, 2009] v3.6.0.315 Stable
Fixed: Category related;
Fixed: Windows 7 Compatibility;
Fixed: Some other minor bugs fixed;

[Sept 26, 2009] v3.6.0.300 Stable
Improved & Fixed: Cache related;
Improved: some other minor improvements;

[Aug 13, 2009] v3.6.0.200 Stable
Fixed: BitSpirit don't update task status properly when moving tasks by ALT+ UP/DOWN;
Fixed: Under some rare conditions, it takes a long time to get reliable DHT nodes;
Fixed: Under some rare conditions, it causes a minor bandwidth waste in tasks with big pieces;

[Jul 27, 2009] v3.6.0.135 Beta
Improved: sparse file support under NTFS format (Please refer to advanced options)
Improved: Users can set upload speed limit in case of “full speed upload upon all jobs completed”
Fixed: BitSpirit shows toolbar Icon incorrectly sometimes
Fixed: BitSpirit shows pieces’ status incorrectly sometimes
Fixed: Some other minor bugs fixed

[Jul 17, 2009] v3.6.0.126 Beta
Added: IPv6 support
Added: Private Tracker support
Added: Add new task via magnet links
Added: Show share ratio in task list
Added: Show available peer number in task list
Added: Show tracker list in the information window and allow manual operation
Added: Filter by filename extension support when select download files
Improved: Better disk I/O performance, download/upload smoothly over 6MB/s
Improved: Better performance on task schedule, more powerful and easier to use
Improved: The newest BT Tracker protocol support
Improved: The newest BT extend protocol support
Improved: New preference user-interface, clearer and easier to use
Improved: New and clearer information window
Improved: Support global connection limit (only support limit by each task in previous versions)
Improved: Lower memory usage in hash checking when task finished
Improved: Stop task faster
Improved: Lower memory usage when there are too many finished tasks in the task list
Improved: Lower memory usage on large size task (> 10GB) or large size piece (>4MB)
Improved: Better upload performance of super seeds
Improved Self-configure for windows firewall after version XP SP2
Fixed: DHT sometimes saves wrong port number on accepting announce
Fixed: BitSpirit sometimes doesn’t act correctly when requests refused (happen rarely)
Fixed: BitSpirit sometimes ignores the missing pieces in hash checking after task finished (happen rarely)
Fixed: Other minor bugs fixed

NOTE: BitSpirit V3.6.0 supports platform 2000SP4/XP/Vista/Win7, and XP SP2、SP3/Vista SP2/Win7 is recommended.

[Jun 11, 2009] v3.5.0.275 Stable
Changed: Default seeding time from 12h to manual stop;
Improved: some other minor improvements;

[May 25, 2009] v3.5.0.256 Stable
Fixed: BitSpirit didn’t detect the default media player under some systems;
Fixed: Avoid manipulating UPnP device frequently;
Fixed: Access violation after switching between some languages more than 5 times;
Added: Auto resumes running jobs at program startup;
Added: Customizable search box;
Changed: While seeding, (seed/peer) means seeders detected in the past 30 minutes.
Improved: Protocol Encryption related;

[May 06, 2009] v3.5.0.236 Stable
Fixed & Improved: DHT related;

[Apr 17, 2009] v3.5.0.216 Beta
Fixed: a bug related to DHT module (not serious);
Improved: Translation files updated;
Improved: some other minor improvements;

[Mar 22, 2009] v3.5.0.182 Beta
v3.5.0 contains all improvements, changes and bug fixes made by v3.3.3.167, and also avec some other improvements:
Improved: Unicode support, better support for CJK languages, and better compatible with XP/Vista/Windows7, please refer to:Unicode support;
Improved: Rewritten memory manager, Better Performance;
Improved: Better support for SMP;
Improved: Optimized UI and Downloading Core, Better Performance;
Improved: Rewritten TorrentBuilder, please refer to:Create New Torrent;
Improved: Restarting BitSpirit is not required anymore after switch to another language;
Improved: Now all listview support Sort & Column-Drag, please refer to:Column Drag;
Improved: some other minor improvements;

[Mar 22, 2009] v3.3.3.167 Stable
Fixed: a bug related to disk cache, which may cause the 'Preview while downloading' sometimes works poorly;
Changed: When 'ScrollLock' is toggled, Peer list doesn't update (which is 'CapsLock' toggled in previous versions);
Improved: 'Preview while downloading' support MKV;
Improved: Support Vista/Windows7 128*128 Large Icons;