BitSpirit v3.6.0.336 Stable released.

MD5:  EFB45DA315499C86FA437F07E82AE5BB
Platform:  Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000SP4
Language Support:  Multi-Languages

downloading job iconhas changed yo a yellow one.

what does the yellow icon next to the torrent mean? i know the sheduled one, the finished job one (a blue tick) but never seen the yellow one. maybe space? little remaining space?

BitSpirit V3.6.0.336 Connection preference

BitSpirit V3.6.0.336 Connection preference

Windows 7RTM x32 7600

Speed test:

please can someone help me with Connection preference?

set connection type to 'Home

set connection type to 'Home | Office LAN 2Mbps - 8Mbps', and set 'Upload Limit (KB/s)' to 160 KB/s.

no cosmetics please... :)

PLEASE keep that client as small as possible!
as lite as possible!
please avoid cosmetic stuffs like country flags, ip filters and so on!
these stuffs make all running slower and a bigger amount of space used!
please keep in mind that "someone" is using BitSpirit on USB KEYS!!!
Remember that the primary function is to DOWNLOAD/SHARE FILES FAAAST!!!
Please only FUNCTIONAL improvements, no cosmetics!!!!!
thanks :)

BitSpirit Portable (USB version)

Hi BitSpirit,

I like BitSpirit for long time

It will be great if this client would like also with flash disk.

Publishing this project surely gain more users, downloads, and overall popularity worldwide for BitSpirit.

And that will be great

thanks for your suggestion.

thanks for your suggestion.


Bitspirit started downloading torrent what uTorrent not downloading =)
I'm NAT user, but it works great!
Big Thanks to developer(s).
PS: Hello from Russia =)


Thanks for the Update...This is the best Torrent Client ever!!!

Great Work Man...

'Connection', set connection

'Connection', set connection type to 'ADSL/Cable', and set 'Max number of Connections' to 90 or 120.
According to your speed test result, set 'Global Upload Limit' to 50 or 40.

Connection', set connection

Schedule bug

Schedule has a bug since 3.6.x version. It cant queue the tasks. Even if the torrents are set to the auto queue it automatically launch them to download. Can you fix this?

Re: Schedule bug

Damn, this queue bug is really annoying :/

'Schedule Download' has been

'Schedule Download' has been changed to work with 'Scheduler' since v3.6.0.
'Scheduler' can be configured in 'Options'-'Preference'-'Advanced'-'Scheduler'.

By setting 'Max simultaneous running jobs' or setting job type to 'Scheduler (Timer)' to obtain similar schedule functionality in the past version.