BitSpirit v3.6.0.300 Stable released.

MD5:  9CCDF3BBA02334021B25AB5DA925B8BD
Platform:  Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000SP4
Language Support:  Multi-Languages


how come the option to emulate other bittorrent client was removed in the latest builds like v3.6.0.300


Preferences-Advanced: client id.
bt.tracker.useragent: UserAgent field when announcing to tracker.

More details:

Respect for all

If you can then asked to Teach function for a list of blocked ipfilter IP

Great client but the memory

Great client but the memory usage kills it..

'Stop job when torrent file is downloaded' - Bug??

I'm not sure if this is on my end, or the BitSpirit Client.


So here's the problem.

The torrent file I was downloading was 98% completed. I stopped it for a moment to select the 'Edit Torrent..' option and then I clicked the 'File Options' tab.

I went to the bottom to check the 'Stop job when torrent file is downloaded'. After it reached finished downloading, it was Seeding and not Stopped.

My Options->Preferences->Job Options->Upon Finished->Full Speed upload... box was unchecked with speed at 1KB/s and below that option When download done, keep alive as a seeder is set to 1 hour.

I was wondering why this happen since I check the Stop job... option already. I changed the default keep alive as a seeder.. from Unlimited to 1hour so would it work if I changed it back to Unlimited and the 'Stop job when torrent file is downloaded' option checked?

Thanks in advance.

This option is not used to

This option is not used to stop the job while the job is finished. It is used to stop the job while the torrent file of the job is downloaded (for example, the job is added via a http url).

BitSpirit will stop the job after seeding for specified hours or if set to 'Turn Off' in scheduler table.

I put in there 15mb max but

I put in there 15mb max but it still raises up to 100k+ and makes my computer very laggy.


this version aswell as the one b4 it uses a lot of memory, any chance of fixing it soontime?

re: memory

Exactly how much memory do you see BitSpirit using?

Adjust the memory usage under Preferences, Advanced, Disk Cache, Optimize..., Max Memory Usage.

Note that the memory amount you choose there is used to protect your hard drive from excessive writing and premature failure. BitSpirit will use approxmiately 15 MB more than the amount you specify for usage by the main program.