About Scheduler

Since v3.6.0, the Scheduler function of BitSpirit is much more powerful and easier to use than previous versions.
Users can configure Scheduler settings on page Options->Preferences->Advanced->Scheduler as bellow:

By checking the option “Enable Scheduler”, the Scheduler table becomes active. 168 bricks represent 168(24*7) hours in a week. Move the mouse over the bricks, BitSpirit shows the indicated hour corresponding to the brick (as the red rectangular demonstrate above); click the brick to switch BitSpirit’s status for that hour:

  • Full speed: BitSpirit runs with the default global configurations.
  • Limited speed: BitSpirit runs with the limitations as the ‘Scheduler Settings’ bellow.
  • Seeding only: BitSpirit only uploads data (even if the task is not finished).
  • Turn off: All tasks stopped, except those set to be started by force.

Users can press mouse over a brick and drag the mouse to set status for multiple bricks.
For “Turn Off” period:
1, when a task is added at “Turn Off” period, it will be set to “Scheduled” status with a symbol. And it will be started automatically when “Turn Off” period is over.
2, User can click “Start Download” manually to start a task with status in “Turn Off” period by force.
For non-“Turn Off” period:
1, if a task is set to “Scheduled”, and not specified start time, BitSpirit will automatically set its state to “Waiting for running”, and start it when current task number is less than “Max simultaneous running jobs”.
2, if a task is set to “Scheduled” and specified start time (with symbol), BitSpirit will start the task at the specified time (only if the specified time doesn’t in “Turn Off” period).
Some other explanations about Scheduler:
1, For each task, BitSpirit keeps a reserved bandwidth usage (necessary for keep torrent alive) of 3KB/s, this means that, even the user set download/upload limit less than 3KB/s, the task may still run at 3KB/s. If you want BitSpirit takes no bandwidth, we recommend setting BitSpirit to “Turn off” status.
2, For “Seeding only” period, BitSpirit uploads under global upload limitation.
3, if Scheduler is enabled and at the same time “Shutdown Computer” is enabled (shutdown computer if there is no active tasks), the “Shutdown” functions works normally. In this case, BitSpirit will stop all active tasks no matter they are finished or not when time to “Turn Off” period, and if there is no task set to ‘Scheduled’(or), BitSpirit will shut down the computer automatically.
4, If there’re some tasks set to ‘Scheduled’, and at the same time the option “Prevent system from entering hibernate mode when job running” is checked, BitSpirit will prevent Windows from entering hibernate mode.
5, In “Turn Off” period, BitSpirit will stop all tasks (except tasks started by force), but DHT keeps alive. If you want DHT to be also turn off, set option “ui.scheduler.disabledht” to true on Options->Preferences->Advanced page.
6, In “Turn Off” period, all tasks will stop. Users can set option “ui.scheduler.neverstop” to true to turn all tasks to “Scheduled” status. In this case, BitSpirit will start such tasks when “Turn Off” period is over. (In this case, “Shutdown computer” doesn’t work)
7, Option “Max simultaneous running jobs” (on page Options->Preferences->General) doesn’t include seeding tasks. For example, if “Max simultaneous running jobs” is set to 3, it means that you can run as many seeding tasks as you will, but you can only run 3 download tasks. If you want this option to limit all tasks (seeding tasks and download tasks), please set option “ui.scheduler.running_inc_seeding” to true on page Options->Preferences->Advanced.