About Private Tracker support

Since version 3.6.0, BitSpirit supports the private torrents:
1, for private torrents, BitSpirit disables the Torrent Market, DHT, Peer Exchange automatically.
2, for private torrents, BitSpirit only gets seeds information from the specified tracker. When task stops, BitSpirit ensures to send stopped event to the tracker.
3, for all torrents, BitSpirit communicates with the tracker completely according to the standard BitTorrent protocol.
4, for private torrents, BitSpirit will mark it in 'Tracker Status' with (private=1).
5, for private torrents, BitSpirit always uses inherent ID for BitSpirit itself even the user custom client ID on the advanced preference page.
Pay attention if you try to stop BitSpirit when there are still private torrents running:
1, we strongly recommend stop all tasks manually first, and then quit BitSpirit normally.
2, if you try to shutdown Windows when BitSpirit is running, please DON’T terminate the program by force;
3, It will cause to data lose if BitSpirit is killed by force.
Other explanations about private tracker support:
1, BitSpirit v3.6.0 only sends stopped event for private torrents. Because many non-private torrents contains lots of trackers, to send stopped events to each tracker will take a long time to exit the program. To make BitSpirit send stopped events for all torrents, please set “bt.tracker.stopped” to “true” on Options->Preference->Advanced page.
2, Since v3.6.0, BitSpirit set seed time to 0 (unlimited) by default.

DHT on private torrents

How to enable DHT/Peer Exchange on private torrents (without modify .torrent file) ?