BitSpirit v3.5.0.275 Stable released.

MD5:  71F3E4A4269551E1477244ADC2387C35
Platform:  Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000
Language Support:  Multi-Languages


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Link to download the last version of BitSpirit ( error

Hello BitSpirit, your last version of BitSpirit ( don't be download via 167BT.COM and LANSPIRIT.NET, but there are 3 other versions : bsv3.5.0.275.CN.exe, bsv3.5.0.275.MU.exe and bsv3.5.0.275.PL.exe.
What is the MU version ?

Hi, MU is the multi-languages

MU is the multi-languages package. Originally, it's named EN.