BitSpirit v3.5.0.236 Stable released.

MD5:  066906188841DD2B4CC84445B0844A5B
Platform:  Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000
Language Support:  Multi-Languages

Why no language THAILAND

Why no language THAILAND


Translate IP

When i clicked this option ,this message appears
So where can i get the QQWry.dat file since i Google it but i ended up with some chinese sites only.

Currently, BitSpirit uses

Currently, BitSpirit uses QQWry.dat to translate IP to address, and QQWry.dat only has Chinese version.
In future version, IP2Country may be introduced into BitSpirit.



Fast Release

Awesome Thank You

Good job

Keep up the hard work

thank you for the fast releases!

thank you again for speedy releases and a great product!