BitSpirit v3.5.0.216 Beta released.

MD5:  60CB6CECF4FCA744B747DC2EA7930EF3
Platform:  Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000
Language Support:  Multi-Languages

BitSpirit v3.5.0.216 Beta released.

Installed new Beta version

started downloading ....woow so many changes.....Wonderful jobs......

very nice torrent downloader...using sine 2 years now.....

thank u very much ... who made such hard work...

many many thanks


will certainly check this out, i had Bitspirit many months ago and it was one of the better BT clients, i think its time for a change so i will try Bitspirit once again.

RunDll Error

love the program

i use it everyday practically and like the newer releases


i hope to start a forum for bitsprit lovers lol
n giving more informations about how to configure bitsprit for the rookies such video tutorials beside changing the minbar color cmon let's make it black with numbers clored with electric green good idea right
by the way this beta version is not beta it's damn good n stable
thank you bitsprit team

Using resource editing tools

Using resource editing tools (such as Visual Studio, Res Hacker, etc.) to edit bsres.dll (under your BitSpirit installation directory); replace the Bitmap resource named 'TIPBARBG'. If BitSpirit is running, execute 'File'-'Reload skin file'.

there s an error (error code

there s an error (error code 6) just keepin show up,and it stops the job.
pc des:
windows service pack 2
nod 32 antivirus
any body know about this?

'Preference'-'Disk & Memory',

'Preference'-'Disk & Memory', make sure 'Optimized disk cache usage...' is checked.
The error usually occurs when the disk cache was set improperly.

Getting better better and better!


Im using Bitspirit for a very long time now since version 1.8 and I can feel the difference with this beta ones. It connects faster to peers, uploads good (seeding), and all other functions has been improved.

All I want to say is keep this work up ;)! Doing great job :).

Gr. Nemo

Thank you for using

Thank you for using BitSpirit.

New Beta Ver.

Wonderful jobs......

very nice torrent downloader...using sine 2 years now.....

thank u very much ... who made such hard work...

been using BitSpirit v3.5.0.182/202 in 2k3 x64 and xp x86

Awesome will give the new beta a go :)

BitSpirit v3.5.0.182 Beta and Beta are so much faster connecting to peers than all previous versions I have tried it is almost instant(3-5 seconds), memory usage is down a little too and torrent builder is taking about 1/3 of the time to build a 4-6GB torrent. To be honest I would have never guessed it was a Beta as it has been very stable for me :D

Great Work a Truly Awesome bit of programming Thank You

Best Regards


it's great programs and we can't like the internet without BitSpirt so we thank every one work in the bulding it

Thank you for your support

Even so, we're looking forward to bug reports until the stable release of v3.5.0. :)