BitSpirit Translations

Since BitSpirit v3.5.0.275, users can get the latest translation file via 'View'-'Language'-'Edit Language'.

Click 'Download' to download the latest translation file:

After downloaded, click 'Apply' or restart BitSpirit to apply changes:

Turkish Translation

please make turkish translation for the lastest bitspirit version.
thanks for your help..!


need bulgarian language gor bitspirt

German translation

I was finally able to finish the German translation. Unfortunately, the old translation wasn't a big help because many things weren't translated (or maybe not available in that version) or there were many spelling errors, so I had to translate the whole program on my own. I hope I didn't forget any entries :-). Have fun with it!

Thank you for your

Thank you for your translation.
Now, the German translation is available to all German users.
You can check it out via 'View'-'Edit Language'-'Download'.


Hungarian Language

Hello! Do you have a Hungarian translation?

No, we haven't yet.

No, we haven't yet.

arabic kamal amr


Will there be an german translation too?

German Translation

As soon as some user will do it ;) For example, if you know english ( even just some bases) you could start making an essential translation :)


Ok, I was able to extract the

Ok, I was able to extract the German translation from version 3.3. I will start working on it the next days.

Is the German translation of

Is the German translation of the former version still available? If yes, I could try to translate the rest.

need a french translation

pleaze a need a french translation for the last version v3.5.0.236 thanks

The French translation is

The French translation is under translating, and will be available soon.