BitSpirit v3.5.0.182 Beta released.

This version is an unicode build, and may be unstable, only recommended for familiar users:
MD5:  238FC33C58FFC7A17718CFA52D71A1B6
Platform:  Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000
Language Support:  Multi-Languages


BitSpirit v3.5.0.182 beta is released!
been using BitSpirit since 2006.
Thanks for posting.

Bitispirit Always.....

I am not arguing with best torrent downloader
difference for me ... bitspirit
first i am starting to use utorrent, then i found and heard about bitspirit tried.... work with fine....then am start using both PC's with u torrent and bitispirt....

woow bitspirit downloading fast

bitsprit legend

who said µtorrent is number one
buuuuushit why ppl try always to ignore bitspirit??? coz they always bla bla n never try it out
well i'm happy to see this forum open for all bitsprit fans
thank you guys n sorry about my english i'm tunisian

BitSpirit Easy

primero in spanish muy buen programa sigan asi GRACIAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best downloading speed with windows 7

x64 support is awesome


I would just like to say a Big Thank You for all the work on BitSpirit over the years :)

Been using BitSpirit since 2006 running it on Server 2K3 x64 same as Xp x64 and it has always worked well easy to update without losing my job list, its also easy to backup my job list if I have to reinstall darn MS Windows :D

I also think it would be cool if you added a Paypal Donations Link, as I am sure there are quite a few people that might help a little with hosting costs etc.

Best Regards

Thank you for using

Thank you for using BitSpirit.

64bit Vista followup

Is anyone running Vista 64bit having problems they notice with the beta?

Vista X64

Does This Work Fine On Vista Ultimate X64?



Thank you very much! ^_^'

Thank you very much! ^_^'

New Beta

First thanks for starting .......New forums

Can you please enable posting

Can you please enable posting on the other boards?

It's ok now.

It's ok now.

Really happy to see bitspirit

Really happy to see bitspirit being developed again ^_^ been using it since 2005.

bit spirit amazing ? thanks

bit spirit amazing ? thanks