v.3.6.x.xxx advanced settings explanation

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"Maybe base it on the google-translated page from http://www.bitspirit.cc/index.php%3Fq%3Dnode/29:

In previous versions, there are some bits of the wizard can user.ini to change the hidden parameters, from the v3.6.0 release, simplifying the setup interface and the user having to manually modify the user.ini, in a program to connect to these parameters set. Here are some common parameters (Note: only if you clearly know the meaning of the parameters to modify the time, can be modified. Is not recommended to modify the parameters not presented here.):

1, bt.extension.pex_limit:
v3.6.0 has a strong ability of seeds that can be found in a short time a large number of available connections. When reaches a certain number of available connections, the excess can be connected not only unable to improve the efficiency of the local connection, it will take up more local resources. This parameter represents the local limit on the number of available connections, that is, when the number of available connections to the value of the future, they will not try to find more connections available (Note: This value is the soft limit, that the actual number is likely to break through this value). The default value is 2048, it is recommended not to exceed 4096. Set to 0 limit.

2, bt.net.bump and bt.net.launchdelay:
That before the introduction of the adjustment process connectivity parameters. Correspond to the previous NewSOCKETBUMPEX and NewLaunchDelayEX. As for the previous NewSOCKETLINEEX, is equivalent to "Network Settings" and "Maximum number of simultaneous connection requests."

3, bt.net.conn_max_global and bt.net.conn_reserved:
These two parameters are v3.6.0 new settings are used to limit the number of global connections and the number of connections reserved for each task.
Global Connections: refers to the number of connections of all the tasks sum. Keep the number of connections: to ensure that each task can have a number of connections (Note: The actual number of connections may be less than the reserved number of connections).
For example: If bt.net.conn_max_global to 200, bt.net.conn_reserved 10, "Network Settings" and limit the number of connections per task: 150, when only one task runs, the total number of connections will be maintained at around 150, when there are more than two tasks running, the total number of connections is limited to 200. Even though the total number of connections 200, to add a running task, the task will be added to ensure that the quota has 10 connections. Not recommended to keep the number of connections set too much value, usually 10-20 is the appropriate value.
Global connections to 0 means no limit global connections. Keep the number of connections reserved for the 0 means no connection.

4, bt.net.disable4to6 and bt.net.ipv6_preferred:
Reference to the description of IPv6 .

5, bt.protocol.allowxor:
Said the agreement allows the use of XOR encryption is the encryption algorithm. XOR algorithm can be reduced using an encrypted connection to CPU occupancy agreement. When not allowed to use the XOR algorithm, RC4 encryption algorithm used by default. Whether or not allow the use of XOR algorithm, encrypted handshake protocol are 1024-bit RSA + RC4 encryption to ensure the absolute security handshake. Meanwhile, the new version of the encrypted connection for preventing malicious and made perfect.
Recommended settings: system configuration data is better or more serious concerns about the safety of users can be set to false. System configuration is recommended for the general user default true.

6, bt.tracker.stopped:
Reference to the description of the private Tracker .

7, diskio.warn_file_changed:
Download the reason why BT is a safe and reliable download all the files because the original data must be calculated according to a summary of certain algorithms to match. BT in the initial design, each time you start the task before the contents of the documents needed to do a complete check, but Bitspirit this process is improved. When you stop and then start the task when the bit before the stop task wizard to retain under the relevant file information to determine whether intelligence documents on the current re-scan (BT software now have the basic feature, and this technology is Bitspirit created in 2003), when the file content is change (may be stopped until the task is not normal procedure or other changes), the bits of the wizard will pop up dialog box prompts the user whether to re-scan file data. When this parameter is false, pop-up dialog box will not scan documents directly to the data.

8, ui.extension.music, ui.extension.picture, ui.extension.video:
v3.6.0 additional settings. Add Task dialog box for the "Choose File" - "filter" applies when the extension types.

9, ui.extracticon:
v3.6.0 will be the default resolution in the file list of each file type icon. In some configurations of the system, this may bring some resources occupied. This bit is set to false can not automatically resolve the wizard icon.

10, ui.new_click_mode:
In previous versions, click on the task list when the space, the program will run automatically switches to the global log information. This approach can sometimes cause trouble, such as between the various tasks the user clicks accidentally clicked the empty space. The V3.6.0 is replaced by a blank space when the first click, the program does not switch to the global log to retain the current page, and click again to space, then switch to the global log. If set to false, then use the old version of the operating mode.

11, ui.market.maxtorrents:
Other goods used to set the capacity of the seed market, the default is 4096 and the maximum is 65535.

12, ui.scheduler.disabledht, ui.scheduler.neverstop, ui.scheduler.running_inc_seeding:
Reference: Task Scheduler .

13, upnp.cleanup:
If set to true, before exiting the program will try to delete UPnP port (by default the next time the program starts will scan the port.) Recommended to use the default false.

14, diskio.sparse_files: (v3.6.0.135 +)
Downloaded file will be created as sparse files (requires NTFS partition format. For download files that already exist and will not change its properties.)
Note: Enabling a sparse file will cause the disk free space calculation is not correct, and may cause more disk fragmentation. Not enabled by default.

15, ui.scheduler.desc: (v3.6.0.200 +)
In descending order to handle the task in the queue. By default, when there are multiple tasks simultaneously in a wait state, the program will follow the "order" (ie, ascending order) to start the task list, when this option is set to true, the program in accordance with the "after the first order" (ie, descending order) to start the task list.

16, diskio.smart_cache: (v3.6.0.300 +)
And after for Vista operating system, in some cases, you can use more disk cache.

17, bt.net.tcp_port_test: (v3.6.0.300 +)
TCP port used to control whether to perform the test. If set to false, not tested. Need to restart the program or a few hours to take effect.

18, ui.task.compactmagneturl: (v3.6.0.336 +)
Used to control the "copy of the Magnet Link" link format generated by magnetic force.
If true, the generated magnetic link string contains only basic features, such links is relatively simple;
If false, the generated magnetic links contain not only the basic features of string, but also contains the dn (Display Name, Display Name) and tr (Tracker server) field, which links more complete, but longer.

19, ui.task.force_edit_torrent: (v3.6.0.336 +)
Attribute of the form used to control the task edit box is editable Torrent.
The current version of the task for the existence of the edit box is always non-editable. If the field is true, it means that the edit box is always editable.
Note: Unless you specifically know that the seeds of change to a same file, otherwise you should not easily change the existing mandate of the field.

20, ui.settings.updateall: (v3.6.0.362 +)
Changes to control your personal settings whether applied to an existing task.
For example: through the "Edit" an existing task to the number of connections and upload speed was adjusted to 300 and 500, respectively, when the "personal settings" after changes and to determine:
If this parameter is true: the number of connections is the task and the upload speed will be set in the value of individual coverage;
If this information is false: the number of connections is the task and the upload speed to maintain user settings unchanged (ie 300 and 500);

21, ui.task.stopatshareratio: (v3.6.0.401 +)
Used to set the task to do certain kinds of sharing rate automatically stops (1 for 100% share, and 2 200%, and so on).
Only download the previous version of time after seeding set, this option and do play a role in both kinds of time. In other words: if set to do kind of time is five hours, stopatshareratio to 1 if species and 3 hours after making the task of sharing rate of 1, it will stop the task. But after 5 hours if the task is still not reached a share rate will stop the task.
Note 1: The default value of 0 means no sharing of rate setting. In addition, seeding time, seeding 0 also means no time limit.
Note 2: If the task starts seeding rate has exceeded the set to share the value, this option does not start the task role.

22, diskio.cache.maxexpire: (v3.6.0.403 +)
Used to configure the cache expiration time (maximum).
The default is 1800 (seconds, 1800 seconds or half an hour), can be modified into a 3600 or 7200.
Note that: is not this value the better (you can configure the user's habits of self-adjustment of the appropriate value), and this is just a maximum, the actual value may be smaller than this.

23, bt.net.limit_local_bandwidth: (v3.6.0.500 +)
Local connection is used to configure whether to limit the bandwidth.
Local connection refers to the same local area network. If this option is true (the default), all connections are subject to download / upload speed limit. If this option is false, the local connection speed is not restricted (for example: if download speed is 100KB / s, but there is a local connection to you 200KB / s speed, the download speed has the potential to 300KB / s).
You can edit the installation directory \ config \ iplocal.dat to define the scope of local connections.

24, ui.main.update_to_titlebar: (v3.6.0.500 +)
Whether the display speed information in the title bar. If this option is true, then the program will update the velocity information to the title bar."

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Thanks a lot.