BitSpirit v3.6.0.403 Stable released.

MD5:   EC54903CBB2E8F37BA488D1A1C54E9B4
Platform:  Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000SP4
Language Support:  Multi-Languages

Bitspirit Released.

See for information and downloadlink:

Buildtime: Oct 21 2010 03:57:37.

Saw that the site isn't updated yet so here is the new version till it gets uploaded to the main site.



.. come on with that new release.. ;)

davai davai! :)

To good to be true--and so it was

Hi guys--well looking, smooth running
Now It looks like its not connected at all
non of the present uploads/downloads seem to exist.
And It dos nothing at all.
Saw on an old- forum message that the IPv6 could be
the corse. Removed it--but did not make any difference.
How come a problem mentioned more than a year ago and
some Bitspirits after---dos still exist

A pity


Don't know what you're

Don't know what you're talking about but Bitspirit works just fine, for years ;). Downloading and seeding all in one no problems, every new version gets even better.

thank you

thank you for this great client program

New Version?

Hi there,

I was wondering if we can expect new version soon, or how is the development going :)?


In about one month, there

In about one month, there will be a new version with some minor updates.
Thank you for visiting.

Thanks a lot

I'm a new user for this program. I believed it a great program.Thank you very much.

Portable Version

Can you please make a portable version of this or next stable release? Thank you for your great program.

Country flags Country flags Country flags Country flags

IP to Country flags will be nice
as add-ons or plugin

pls refer to:

Thank You

Thanks a lot its working fine
Best Regards,

BitSpirit doesn't remember his position on screen.

I have 2 monitors, and when I start BitSpirit - it always show on monitor no.1, even if I drag him to second. Can you make it to remember last position?
P.S. Sorry for my English....

To ''Bitspirit''

I read the comments and I must say that if you implent uTp into Bitspirit give the user the choice to enable or disable it. For me it has a negative effect cause uTp is kinda killing my speed, tried with uTorrent so Bitspirit is my client of choice. Hope you agree with me at this point about uTp; has positive and negative effects.


Thank you for your

Thank you for your suggestion.


the plugin translate ip doesn't work. It says that the file is missing "QQWry.dat" is missing in the plugin folder.
i already download the file and pasted it in the folder and it works, but it is in chinese...

please refer to:


Scheduler “Waiting for running" does not work!

All that is needed for me to

All that is needed for me to finally skip utorrent and use bitspirit 24/7 is uTP protocol and a rss feed :P

Edit: Ktorrent is now the first client to use uTP protocol

uTp In Bitspirit?


Now that the uTP protocol is open source do you think you can add support for it in Bitspirit?

uTP source code -

standardization of µTP on -

Thanks a lot for your

Thanks a lot for your information.

So is it possible to have

So is it possible to have Bitspirit combined with uTp?



I hope the new version has

I hope the new version has uTp support! No need for uTorrent anymore after that ;).


The best torrent client! Excellect!!!

The Best.

Thanks for the new version, like it very much :)!