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1. What mean numbers in columns (Que) when I choose tab Peers in window under torrents?

2. What means what I see when I choose Show Peer Status?

3. What means Selected peer only?

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1, The '(Que)' after the

1, The '(Que)' after the green down arrow means the data requests sent to peer (for downloading), and the other '(Que)' means the data requests received from peer (for uploading).

2, 'Peer Status' means the piece status of connected peers:
blue means the pieces downloaded locally,
gray means the pieces not downloaded and there's no peer has such pieces,
red means the pieces not downloaded but there're some peers have such pieces.

3, if 'Selected peer only' is checked, the gray and red only apply to the selected peer:
blue means the pieces downloaded locally,
gray means the pieces not downloaded and the selected peer hasn't such pieces also,
red means the pieces not downloaded but the selected peer has such pieces.

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Interface option

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I have one more question about (Que). Let's talk about download, for example. What mean combinations like '8(0)', '3(1024)', '0(17444)' etc?


3(1024): '3' means data

'3' means data requests, '1024' means size of the buffer allocated for this connection.

an orange padlock icon next to torrent

hello bitspirit. i use your client. please write a definition for the various icons that the client shows. right now am seeing an orange padlock next to a torrent and i donot know what it is trying to communicate.Please explain
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the orange padlock icon next

the orange padlock icon next to the torrent means there're some 'suspicious' connections detected and blocked for this torrent.
where the 'suspicious' connections come from? maybe from some 'unknown' organizations, who knows. :)

Please answer the question

Greetings, my lieges.

Your software is great. You make a great service to humanity in general and P2P community in particular. You inevitably change people's lives and they will always remember it and thank you for that. I thank you for that.

That being said, your software does not have a build-in help, therefore it is difficult to learn it beyond the basic functions. This forum is, apparently, the only way to get info.

Kindly answer my questions. I asked them, because I want to know more about your software, in order to use it even better for my benefit. I believe that when you create a product, you do it for people to use - otherwise why bother?

Please answer the questions above.